I'm having a trouble getting IPA symbols to show up with MKIV. I've read through the old threads about using IPA, and it seems there is no module like tipa for ConTeXt for easy input.

I've tried also using SIL Gentium as the main font and entering the IPA symbols directly as UTF-8, but only a part of them will render (even though they all exist in the actual font in the right plane and are viewable in other programs). Almost none of the diacritics render.

\definetypeface [MyFace][rm][serif][gentium][default][encoding=uc]
\setupbodyfont[MyFace, 11pt]

n̥ d̥ ̊ɭ˔ ʎ̥˔

only n, d and ̊ will render in the PDF. In other apps using Gentium all the glyphs are visible.

Is there a way to output IPA symbols correctly (when they are entered as UTF-8), or would it be possible to introduce a macro/module with an environment like \startipa \stopipa and commands for entering the symbols inside the environment? Entering some of the symbols correctly (such as velarized or pharyngealized diacritics which should appear on top of the letter) is hard when done directly with Unicode, so at least TeX-like shorthands for all the symbols and diacritics would really be appreciated.

Best regards,
Otso Helenius
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