Am 21.09.2011 14:26, schrieb Otso Helenius:
> Hi,
> I've used ConTeXt to chop up a big map svg on separate A4 papers like this:
> \setuplayout[width=190mm,backspace=10mm,height=297mm,topspace=10mm,
> header=0mm]
> \setupclipping[nx=3,ny=3]
> \starttext
> \dorecurse{3}{\framed{\clip[x=\recurselevel,y=1]{\externalfigure[map.svg][width=570mm]}}}
> \dorecurse{3}{\framed{\clip[x=\recurselevel,y=2]{\externalfigure[map.svg][width=570mm]}}}
> \dorecurse{3}{\framed{\clip[x=\recurselevel,y=3]{\externalfigure[map.svg][width=570mm]}}}
> \stoptext
> I'm using framed to indicate where the pieces should be cut. The problem
> is that \framed does not
> frame the area produced by \clip precisely. There is a small gap between
> the frame border and
> the clipped image area and the gap is of different size on the left and
> right sizes than
> for example on the bottom.
> Am I overlooking some default setting? Shouldn't \framed frame the
> object inside it without
> leaving a padding between them?

\framed is normally used for text elements, so the default offset is
some pt (no offset would look ugly). For graphics (and no offset) use


offset=0pt      no additional offset between border and content;
                'offset=none' should work too
strut=no        strut is not added (makes only sense for text)

Best wishes,  Peter
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