Several years ago Hans cooked up a fix using \CapStretch that allowed me to
stretch words. That early version of \stretchedbox appeared in later ConTeXt
versions as \StretchedBox as described in strc-sec.mkii and strc-ren.mkiv.
This feature worked in the ConTeXt version dated 2011.07.26, but does not
work in my current ConTeXt version dated 2011.09.10. I have attached an
example file that works with mkii and with earlier mkiv versions, but not
with the current mkiv.

I am curious to know what has changed to break this functionality.
Initially, I thought it had to do with \setuphead's definition of
'deeptextcommand', but since there are no difference in the files
strc-sec-mkii and strc-ren.mkiv between these two releases, the reason must
lie elsewhere. If anyone can explain what has changed, an more importantly
how to reinstate it, I would be most grateful.

With kind regards,

Michael Guravage

Attachment: stretchMe.tex
Description: TeX document

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