Am 26.09.2011 um 10:51 schrieb Hans van der Meer:

> I was using something like
>       \setMPpositiongraphic{A1}{syllabus:arrow}{to=B1,bxoff=\celloff}
> and
>       \hpos{A1}{}\VB \VB \VB \VB \hpos{B1}{}\CR
> for the placement of arrows (defined with \startMPpositiongraphic on the 
> page. That was mkII.
> Now the arrows are not placed at the proper position but at the left of the 
> page.
> Question: has something changed here in ConTeXt mkIV that I didn't notice? 
> The only change I can imagine here is that from mkII to mkIV.

Do you have a example?

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