I uploaded a new beta. Apart from some fixes the following has been added/changed. Some are side effects of discussions at the context meeting.

- Default sorting now mixes upper and lowercase.

- Some presentation styles had problems loading due to changes in the structure commands.

- A few improvements to the (mixed) scite lexers / spell checkers (plus an experimental pdf lexer).

- Export of some math scripts (ssty related) .. an other buglet mojca and I noticed has to wait for a luatex engine fix.

- An extra alignment option 'last' to center the last line.

- Missing references are now listed in the log file.

- Segments can be specified as n:* (as n:100 looks somewhat weird).

- Virtual math has been adapted to the latest insights in open type math.

However, the biggest new thing is adapted cross document referencing. This was already possible but we could not yet load external references (as in mkii). See


for how it works in mkiv. The test files cross-*.tex demonstrate a couple of things. If one uses the project structure, then one can process a component of a product and it will pick up references from the main product as well as (given normal circumstances) start at the right chapter number and page. Of course this is only a convenience option (for proofing) as there is a dependency on the state of the parent product. Given the fact that cross referencing data is spread over several data structures this was a somewhat complex exercise. As a side effect the tuc file now uses its own (temporary) namespace.

Hopefully nothing breaks due to these changes.


ps. Wolfgang: strc-ref is now a mkvi file.

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