It seems that if I copied all of the module files under the current
directory, it works perfectly.
And of course mtxrun --locate t-vim.tex gives the correct location just
as indicated by my previously attached log file.

And there's only one environment variable corresponding to TeX settings:
$ env |grep -i TEX
PATH=/ifs2/S2PH/qiuhw/opt/context-1008/tex/texmf-linux-64/bin:.... (It's
very long)

Actually not only the modules under tex/texmf-modules not work on the
"Remote", but also modules under tex/texmf-local don't work either.

On Mon, 2011-10-10 at 12:57 +0800, Hongwen Qiu wrote:
> Hi,
> I have access to three machines both running GNU/Linux x86-64, I call
> them "Laptop", "Desktop" and "Remote" respectively here on.
> The "Laptop" has full access to the internet, so I always install and
> upgrade my ConTeXt Standalone on it when I'm home.
> At workplace, I can surfer the internet with the "Desktop" while the
> RSYNC port is blocked.
> I only can access the "Remote" through ssh from the "Desktop" without
> root privilege and can not access the internet.
> So, I always copied the ConTeXt standalone from my "Laptop" onto my
> "Desktop", and from my "Desktop" onto "Remote" if necessary. Then, I'll
> delete the cache before I set the PATH to the appropriate location and
> run context --make and mtxrun --generate.
> So the ConTeXt standalones are almost identical on both my "Desktop" and
> "Remote". And the following minimal example just works fine on my
> "Desktop" but failed on the "Remote",
> =========== Minimal Example ============================
> \usemodule[vim]
> \definevimtyping[RUBY][syntax=ruby]
> \starttext
> \startRUBY
> puts "Hello"
> \stopRUBY
> \stoptext
> =========================================================
> Actually, on "Remote", whatever module I use, it will prompt the
> Undefined Control Sequence error regarding the first command I used from
> that module with the module loaded correctly. Attached is the error log
> accompany the above minimal example.
> So, what can be the problem with my "Remote".
> TIA. for any help. 

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