On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 15:20, Martin Schröder <mar...@oneiros.de> wrote:
> I just checked the "nordic" TUGS:
> - Nordic TeX (http://folk.uio.no/dag/ntug/) seems to be long dead
> - Danish TUG (http://www.tug.dk/) is active
> - CyrTUG (http://www.cemi.rssi.ru/cyrtug/) gives a page not found
> - ÍsTeX (http://www3.hi.is/pub/istex/) seems to be dormant
> So there is room for a Finnish TUG :-)

Well, this far I'm up to *4* ConTeXt users resident in Finland - me,
my brother Ville, Salil and Otso. Which doubles the amount of users I
know, but still...
(Alan is in France and Martin, AFAIK, in Germany, so they don't count
even though they replied to this thread.)

While by Finnish law 3 can make an official society/organization, I
think we'll stick to informal meetings this far. At least we four are
all in the same area so getting together is somewhat possible,
especially as I have a meeting space at my disposal.

BUT: Nobody else in Finland???

Best Regards/Terveisin,

Mari Voipio
Vantaa, Finland
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