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2. The other, less sophisticated option: How do I get
\setuppagenumbering to simply just reset the current pagenumber to
"1" and start from "1" again?

I think that what you want (untested) is \setuppagenumber[number=1]
rather than \setuppagenumbering[number=1] (as I understand it
\setuppagenumbering controls the way in which page numbers are
displayed and \setuppagenumber controls the numbers themselves).

Aaarrrghgh ... It's so embarrassing to miss the obvious


does its job ... thnx!

Let me explain the big picture. I have two (rather large) structured
documents. I need to

a) compile both at the same time to manage cross-references between each;

Could the recent work on cross-document referencing (
http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/magazines/mag-1103.pdf ) remove this

Now this I was unaware of ... I will study it. Hopefully it works between components ...

You've been a BIG help, Pontus, and

Best wishes
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