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> Hi,
> How does one save and read third-party data in tuc file at the lua end?
> I am trying to write a module t-ifchanged that defines a \doiffilechanged 
> macro that provides the functionality of mtxrun --ifchanged without calling 
> an external program (This is meant to be a support module for t-vim, where 
> the external calls to mtxrun are too time consuming).
> I can successfully write additional data to the tuc file, but cannot figure 
> out how to initialize the data from tuc file. (See attached file). Any hints 
> are welcome.




\immediatesavetwopassdata{test}{}{First Entry}

One: \gettwopassdata{test}\twopassdata

commands.savetwopassdata("test","Second Entry")

Two: \ctxlua{commands.gettwopassdata("test")}


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