Hello, I hope someone has solved this problem already but I haven't been
able to find a solution.

When using \setupheader[state=high], my columnset behaves correctly on the
first page but runs over the footer area on all subsequent pages.

If I do not use state=high (i.e. normal header on first page) the columnset
works correctly. However I need to get rid of that first page header. The
result is the same if I set state=high using

I found a mention of this in a forum thread from 2006, but no solution:


>Ehrt, Michael wrote:
>>* *>*> Do you know if the column text overrunning the footer when using*>*> 
>>state=high is a general problem or "just me"? If it's just me I'll*>*> 
>>probably try installing a plain context distribution without miktex on a*>*> 
>>separate machine...*
>I expect it to be a general problem.

I have tried with TexLive 2011 and the 29 nov 2011 beta, but get the same

Any help will be appreciated,

Peter Park Nelson
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