Thanks Wolfgang - that works as expected. I'm trying to create a table
from the headings (as previously mentioned). Something like this:


\define[3]\MySummaryTable{\bTR\bTD #1 \eTD\bTD #2 \eTD\bTD #3 \eTD\eTR}

\chapter{First one}
\chapter{Second one}
\chapter{Third one}
\chapter{Fourth one}
\chapter{Fifth one}

While the content gets placed it doesn't appear in a table. I also
notice that the same layout is used in the first \placecontent line.
In my final document I'd like to have my headings included as usual in
the table of contents but then have my own custom list appear as a
table later in the document. Is it possible to define a separate
format for a list that can be used outside of the ToC?

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