Am 13.12.2011 um 13:36 schrieb Paul Menzel:

> Dear ConTeXt folks,
> sometimes you need to insert a line for signature. I could not find
> anything usefull especially `\underbar{\hspace[10*\big]}` [2] did not
> work. I ended up abusing `\framed` [3].
>        \starttext
>        \startstandardmakeup[align=right]
>        Alles rechtens. Everything is fine and nobody cheated.
>        \blank[medium]
>        London, den 28.\,June 2011
>        \blank[3*big]
>        \framed[width=5cm, frame=off, topframe=on]{\small John Doe}
>        \stopstandardmakeup
>        \stoptext
> The down side is, that its widths is not perfectly aligned with the
> location and date.
> I guess there is something simpler to do it. I looked at Wolfgang’s
> letter module but could not figure out how it is done there.

The module doesn’t draw a rule for the signature.

> Something like the examples posted for LaTeX on Stack Exchange [3] for
> ConTeXt would be nice.

\NC London, den 28.\,June 2011                \NC\NR
\NC[height=1cm]                               \NC\NR
\NC[topframe=on,style=smallbodyfont] John Doe \NC\NR

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