On 14-12-2011 10:16, Romain Diss wrote:
Hi Hans,

Reading the new code (just to see what the clean-up looks like), I saw that a
lot of "intermediate" macros are now named whith a new scheme : underscore
separated words, and something like a namespace in the macro name.
So the question (just for curiosity)... Are there any documents which describe
this new "API" and the recommended way to code in context.

Not yet. Among the reasons for the _ was that we wanted module users to use better namespace handling, so best also do it in the core code. another was that _ is no longer something special outside math in context.

You need to keep in mind that much code originates was written in the time that (1) hash space was limited, (2) memory was lower, (3) processors were less powerful. So, the rewrite is a new compromise of such constraints. In any case we can now write more readable code which also happens to be faster while in the past there were constraints preventing this.


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