Hello all,

I've discovered the magic of structureuservariabl and have therefore
converted all my headings to use the start/stop syntax. It's raised a
few quick questions though:

1. Is \startchapter \stopchapter etc the "proper way" to do things
from now on? Or is it really just up to the user?
2. Is there a way to provide a default value for a
structureuservariable? I'd like to set a reference number based on a
global counter if the user doesn't supply their own.
3. In a similar vein - is it possible to define a reference for a
section if the user doesn't provide one. E.g. if they provide

\startchapter[title=My Example Chapter]

instead of:

\startchapter[chap:examplechapter][title=My Example Chapter]

can I set the reference for them? (I will have some sections that
could be usefully auto-referenced).

Many thanks in advance,

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