Hi everyone,
With MKIV, the names of formulas don't get written in the List Of Formulas 
anymore.The following example works fine for me in MKII, but not in MKIV.The 
only bug is that the names of formulas don't appear in the LOF.Anyone knows a 
way around ?
Thank you very much !
Oh, and also, what is the use/necessity of "\endgraf" ?

\subsubject{List of Formulas}\placelist[formula][criterium=text,alternative=c] 
\subsubject{Formulas}\placenamedformula[one]{First listed Formula}\startformula 
a = 1 \stopformula \endgraf
\placeformula\startformula a = 2 \stopformula \endgraf
\placenamedformula{Second listed Formula}{b}\startformula a = 3 \stopformula 

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