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> First-page layout is an issue that I have asked about before, but
> maybe I am doing something wrong. Here is my question in an earlier
> thread: 
> I want to define a layout for the first page of my document with
> different header and footer formatting -- specifically, no header and
> a large footer to hold publication information. Based on examples on
> Contextgarden and this list, I think my code below is correct.
> However, the first page formatting is continued on all pages of the
> document. The effect is the same when using \definelayout[first] and
> \definelayout[1].

Is MkIV a option for you? The problem had been there for a while as well but 
now it’s fixed
you can decide what ConTeXt should do after the first page.

With the “state” you can control whether the layout at the second page should 
be switched
back to the global layout with \definelayout[…][state=start] (this is the 
default setting) or
it should remain with \definelayout[…][state=repeat].

> \definelayout
>  [first]
>  [width=middle,
>  backspace=15mm,
>  topspace=10mm,
>  height=254mm,
>  header=0mm,      % no header
>  headerdistance=0mm,
>  footer=25mm,      % big footer
>  footerdistance=5mm,
>  grid=yes]

You have to set only what’s different from the global layout.


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