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After going through the suggested reading "This Way", sep 2011 (http://pragma-ade.com/show-mag-15.htm) in relation to this topic it was time to do some tests!

Well, I stumbled on the very first basic problem! Using the \useexternalfile[logical_name][filename] resulted in an Undefined control sequence ... error message!?

Anybody any suggestions about the syntax of this command?! The description in the reference part of the ConTeXt Garden wiki site is not of much help to me either, sorry!
I think this is a typo in the manual and Hans meant the \useexternaldocument command because \useexternalfile was removed from MkIV and had a different purpose.



Well yes, the \useexternaldocument works, but not for example the \in-command!

When I for example use \useexternaldocument[tst][test][A test external] together with \from[tst] the test.pdf file is correctly opened in Acrobat Reader.

But the \in{section}[tst::def] doesn't open the test.pdf file at all?! The jump to the 'def' section doesn't seem to work! Please take a look at the two included test files.

Gerard Verhaag


Again I want to focus on the cross-document referencing issue that is not working as expected (see example files on first mail in this thread)!

I don't know whether this feature is still available in MkIV, because up till now no reactions have been given regarding this problem!

Currently I'm planning a project and want to make use of this cross-document referencing feature.

Gerard Verhaag
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