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For a book in the area of musicology I would like to make one register with 
entries of different kinds, distinguishable by their appearance in the  
register (or index or whatever).
The index entries will mostly be authors, including composers, musical terms 
and musical compositions. The titles of the compositions and the foreign words 
are set in italic characters throughout in the text of the book.
What I would like is to be able to distinguish all entries according to whether 
they are treated in the text, are shown in a musical example, or are mentioned 
only in a foot- or endnote.

In many books page numbers indicating illustrations are set in italics. 
Pagenumbers indicating foot- or endnotes often have a suffix "n".
Furthermore, when an indexed item is discussed on a number of consecutive 
pages, usually a range is given in the index, like 144-53, or 143 ff.
Can all this be done in ConTeXt, and if so, can anybody give me advice on how 
to do it?

I have tried making three different Registers, for text, for illustrations and 
for notes, but I cannot figure out how to combine them into one index.  But 
also, whatever I set in \setupregister, they all look exactly the same: 
textstyle regular, pagestyle slanted. Moreover, in \setupindex (or whatever 
other name for the register), [indicator=no] is ignored. 
Are these bugs or am I doing things the wrong way?

I add a (not so) minimal example.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Robert Blackstone

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