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Hi, folks.

I've tried running the example from the "descriptions" article on the wiki and it works fine if I use MkII via 
"texexec" but fails miserably if I use MlIV via "context."  Outside of changing "location" to 
"alternative" in the \definedescription command parameters, what else do I need to change to make the example run with 
Which example doesn’t work?


This one:



  This is a shorter item label, and some text that talks about it.
  The text is wrapped into a paragraph, with successive lines indented.

  This is another paragraph under the "Para" item.
  \startdescr{Sub Item}
    This is a description of an item which is within the
    "Para" item.
  \startdescr{Sub Item}
    Another Sub Item
\startdescr{Short with long title}
  A short item that's not part of that really long "Para" item.


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