Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a problem with \inmargin{some text} in \itemized lists. I am 
using them a lot in my documents, and it is kind of annoying. It appears that 
if one uses the \inmargin macro just prior to the \item macro, the in-margin 
text is typeset against the previous line, not the line with the \item. Minimal 

        \item This is just a normal completely innocent paragraph against which 
one will be able to judge the amount of indentation of the next paragraph.
        \inmargin{Duck}\item This paragraph has a duck inmargin comment

That seems fair enough and even makes sense on some level. If however, one 
reverses the two macros, like so:

        \item\inmargin{Duck} This paragraph has a duck inmargin comment

the leading space just after the closing brace is actually printed. I take this 
to be a bug, or is this by design? The only way I can around this is to not use 
a space, like so:

        \item\inmargin{Duck}This paragraph has a duck inmargin comment

But I don't find that to be a satisfying solution. After all I am using ConTeXt 
because I am a bit pedantic about text, even the source code in this case.


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