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> For  example, in  the minimal  example below,  how can  one obtain
> a  transparent  arrow  without  getting an  X-ray  vision  of  the
> arrowhead?

Maybe I'm  reinventing the  wheel here,  but you  can write  a small
macro that only draws the lines you want. Here is an idea:


        linecap  := squared;
        penscale := .5bp;
        pickup pencircle scaled penscale;

        def drawmyarrow expr p = _apth:=p; _myfinarr enddef;
        def _myfinarr text t =
                draw _apth cutafter point (-ahlength+.1penscale) on _apth t;
                fill arrowhead _apth  t

        drawarrow   origin    -- (1cm,0)     withtransparency(1,.5) ;
        drawarrow   origin    -- (0,1cm)     withtransparency(1,.5) ;
        drawmyarrow (1.5cm,0) -- (2.5cm,0)   withtransparency(1,.5) ;
        drawmyarrow (1.5cm,0) -- (1.5cm,1cm) withtransparency(1,.5) ;


The (-ahlength+.1penscale)  are of  course empiric. You  should find
the correct  formula to always have  a nice match of  line and arrow
whatever ahlength and ahangle values are in use.


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