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> On Wed, 2 May 2012, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> On 1-5-2012 21:43, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Line numbering does not respect the parameters given with
>>> \startlinenumbering. For example:
>> Line numbering is a delayed operation. As they are handled when the page is 
>> constructed the settings of that moment apply. In practice only the start 
>> key is handled when you pass settings to \start.... (the only reason for  
>> having the second argument is number start/restart etc). If you want 
>> different renderings, the best is to define a specific instance of line 
>> numbering.
> A little background: In the initial version of the vim module, I used to do 
> line numbering manually (each line started with \NL macro, which expanded to 
> a number in an appropriate style depending on whether line numbering was 
> enabled or not. When I rewrote the module to use the filter module, I also 
> rewrote the line numbering mechanism to use ConTeXt's inbuilt line numbering 
> macros, but I cannot get them to work.
> Consider the following example. I want to define an environment, which, 
> amongst other things does line numbering. I want the user to control the 
> style and color of line numbering, so I define keys numberstyle and 
> numbercolor, which are then passed on to the line numbering macros. The most 
> obvious implementation of this does not work.
> […]
> \appendtoks
>   \definelinenumbering
>         [\currentwhatever]
>         [
>           color=\whateverparameter{numbercolor},
>           style=\whateverparameter{numberstyle},
>         ]%
>   \setvalue{start\currentwhatever}{\dostartwhatever[\currentwhatever]}%
>   \setvalue{stop\currentwhatever}{\dostopwhatever}%
> \to\everydefinewhatever

You assume \definelinenumbering has a second argument for the settings but this 
isn’t the case and you need \setuplinenumbering to set them.

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