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> It is not possible to make cells spanning more than one column. This is 
> related to the fact that the cells are on a grid. It is also not possible to 
> have cells on e.g. half way down/left/right.

Oh well, I can live with that. Besides, the result is probably better,
when the flowchart is governed by fairly strict rules.

> The advantage of this module is that you can number the cell relatively. Only 
> the first cell has an explicit position. So if you have to insert new cells 
> you have to look only for cells which could be outside of the grid, but that 
> is easier than to walk through the whole chart and renumber the cells.

Thank you! I already got stuck on this one, so this is a very useful
tip (to be exact, got stuck on both: first had a cell outside of the
original grid, then had to move almost half of the chart one spot to
the right...). On the moment I'm dealing with processes that have
existed for a long time but never been documented, so the flowcharts
are bit of a work in progress and even with a first sketch on paper
changes are unavoidable.

Now, to implementing all this new knowledge in Chart 2.

Gratefully yours,

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