On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 1:27 PM, Marco <net...@lavabit.com> wrote:
> You can adjust the distance indirectly with changing the distance
> between the cells:
> \setupFLOWcharts [dx=8ex, dy=4em]

Ah, that naming does make sense, now that I think of it. It seems that
I'm still (re)learning to think of things as coordinates, it's been a
while since school when I last needed that stuff...

>> (apparently in the "expand your ConTeXt skills" mode this week)
> Procrastination? Sounds like if you have important stuff to do ;)

Nope. Two deadlines within the same week, for two totally different
projects; one for my "real" work and one for my craft hobby/business.
So my ConTeXt learning curve, based on "need to know", suddenly went
upwards in a pretty steep angle, that'll probably level out soonish
while I assimilate everything gained recently.

And if I haven't remembered to say this before, I'm very thankful for
all the tips and offers for help that I've gotten, they are very much

(...back in the FLOWchart land...)
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