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The next version will support named casing:

capitals cap
Capitals Cap

It would be also useful to change the following line in font-pre.mkiv to use 
\setcharacterchasing instead of \WORD (won’t work anymore when you remove 
\groupedcommand from the \WORD as written in the comments in typo-cap.mkiv)

\definealternativestyle [\v!WORD]           [\WORD]        [\WORD]

Additional entries for \word, Words etc. in font-pre.mkvi are useful as well 
because “style=word” looks better than “style={\setcharacterchasing[word]}”.

I had been thinking about a 'vector' key (in addition to style) but that's a bit of work as we then need to provide some *vectore variants as well and integrate it in the style/color switching helpers which is ab it of work

but anyhow, it doesn't hurt to have them as alternative styles so you can test it later today (making a beta)


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