On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 12:39 PM, Philipp Gesang wrote:
> On 2012-05-09 12:25, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>> If he wants to use Lucida, this would look bad, but the Lucida font
>> does have greek glyphs, however they are in the "math range".
> With unicode I thought this was an archaism.

I'm sorry, I'm telling you nonsense. There are no Greek letters in
LucidaBrightOT, but they are present in LucidaBrightMathOT. The italic
version starts at 1D6FC and the regural one is in the "normal" Greek

>>                                                               This is
>> the case for LM, Lucida and probably a few more fonts. (Another option
>> would be to define the counter to run through greek letters in math
>> font.)
> Or to leave the counter untouched and wrap it into a substitution
> function -- is there a chance you (or anyone else) could supply
> me with a mapping of the “real” Greek code point to the “math
> Greek” one?

See math-map.lua. If you need any help or explanation, please ask. I
believe that the following part might be relevant (but only if you
need italic):

    lcgreek   = {
        [0x03B1]=0x1D6FC, [0x03B2]=0x1D6FD, [0x03B3]=0x1D6FE,
[0x03B4]=0x1D6FF, [0x03B5]=0x1D700,
        [0x03B6]=0x1D701, [0x03B7]=0x1D702, [0x03B8]=0x1D703,
[0x03B9]=0x1D704, [0x03BA]=0x1D705,
        [0x03BB]=0x1D706, [0x03BC]=0x1D707, [0x03BD]=0x1D708,
[0x03BE]=0x1D709, [0x03BF]=0x1D70A,
        [0x03C0]=0x1D70B, [0x03C1]=0x1D70C, [0x03C2]=0x1D70D,
[0x03C3]=0x1D70E, [0x03C4]=0x1D70F,
        [0x03C5]=0x1D710, [0x03C6]=0x1D711, [0x03C7]=0x1D712,
[0x03C8]=0x1D713, [0x03C9]=0x1D714,
        [0x03D1]=0x1D717, [0x03D5]=0x1D719, [0x03D6]=0x1D71B,
[0x03F0]=0x1D718, [0x03F1]=0x1D71A,
        [0x03F4]=0x1D6F3, [0x03F5]=0x1D716,

For regular variant of Lucida it should be enough to use Math font
instead of the normal one, but I didn't test or write any code for it.
For LM you would have to use the italic version since upright (without
resorting to cm-unicode) looks horrible anyway.

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