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There used to be discussions about some "common standard" for storing

I'm testing
and would like to export to ConTeXt-friendly database (bibtex export
is supported). It seems that for that one would have to use
so I will try to figure out if "The Citation Style Language" can be
used to export data to what is currently required by ConTeXt. But if
you are thinking about xml-based format for the future, it might be
worth taking a look at the second website.

Just a very quick note: CSL has been developed by Bruce D'Arcus, who used to be pretty active on the context list a couple of years ago, so you might be able to get some help there. I tried using zotero for a while and also looked at CSL, but in the end, I gave up. It is based on xml, but I couldn't get my head around it and was just hitting too many limitations. But that may have been me, maybe you have more success!

All best

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