Dear all,

I defined enumerations "Theorem", "Proof", and "Example" as in the sample code.
It works fine, but I'd like to arrange it in better shape.

1. Theorem 1 and it's proof look good.

2. The proof of Theorem 2
        i) when I use \startitemize it starts from the next line not 
immediately after "Proof".
         Q: How to start the sentence right after "Proof"?

        ii) after \stopitemize, it changes the line and put blacksquare at the 
end. So, there is a blank line always.
         Q: How to place blacksquare at the end of the last line of the 

        iii) leading symbol of itemize, "b" is inside the figure.
         Q: How to correct this or is it possible to place the figure at the 
right side?

3. I'd like to put "Example" and it's number in a frame, but I couldn't. Is 
there a way of doing that? Should I make a new command to do that?

Thank you for reading.

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