I have been trying to index the passages cited in a book and would be
grateful for some tactical advice.

There are several works by a single author, and it is customary to cite
each text by page and line number, as in 1253.12 (page 1253, line12), for

I have a sort key for each work. But now I need a way to get the entry

1253.7 (page 1253, line 7) before the entry
1253.12 (page 1253, line 12).

\[Passage[AuthorText]{Author+Text+1253.07}1253.7 or
\[Passage[AuthorText]{Author+Text+1253.07}1253. 7
would work, but it is really better to have the index entry as “1253.7”
rather than as “1253.07” or “1253. 7”

I have experimented with different sort keys—e.g., AuthorText125307—and can
generate an index with the 1235.7 and so on in the proper place and form,
say, before 1253.12.

But then the problem is that I also get entire sequences of entries out of
order (485.19, 485.21 before 477.31, and so on). Very puzzling. (Restoring
the sort key AuthorText removes the latter problems but then leaves 1253.7
in the wrong place.)

If anyone has experience with this or just some ideas for a solution, their
suggestions will be most welcome.

I am using the MKII in the latest ConTeXt standalone.

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