> Wolfgang:
> I have an old letter that typesets fine with beta 2011.11.29 23:11 but that 
> fails with anything newer than that.
> I get lots of "Undefined control sequence" and \textwidth seems to expand to 
> something without a unit: "Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted)".
> Anyway, I guess there are big changes so I'd like to go through the 
> documentation again. However, [1] seems to be gone now and the pdf in [2] is 
> absent too.
> Cheers,
> Florian
> [1] texmf-context/tex/context/third/letter/base/t-correspondence.tex
> [2] http://dl.contextgarden.net/modules/t-letter/doc/context/third/letter/


is there anyone else who knows where the current correspondence docu resides? I 
tried again to locate it but to no avail. I know there is also [3] but it 
claims to be from 2010-08-27. I checked the tree of beta 2011.11.29 23:11 once 
more. There, the documentation is in


But that directory does not exist anymore. Now there seems to be only one file 



[3] http://cdn.bitbucket.org/wolfs/correspondence/downloads/correspondence.pdf

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