On Sat, 26 May 2012, Hans Hagen wrote:

On 26-5-2012 04:08, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
Currently, ConTeXt only recognizes the type of figure from the file
extension. If a filename does not have an extension, \externalfigure fails.

For example:

$ cp `luatools hacker.jpg` something

ah .. i see, no extension .. too tricky to support that as they we'd need to run an identify on the image which is probably not what we want

However adding `method=jpeg` works, even if the image is not a jpeg!

i've made a simple 'identify' but am yet unsure how to use that in the current lookup strategy (as i want to avoid too much overhead ... using images without suffix is bad anyway)

I am using a script to typeset rss feed to a pdf for reading on kindle. Some blog engines (e.g. typepad) do not set an extension for the image. As such, I cannot control the input. For the moment, I am using a workaround:


        {\normalexternalfigure[#1][\c!scale=2000, \c!method=JPEG, #2]}}

Notice the method=JPEG.

But, I think that I'll need to wrap a custom wrapper anyways, and some pages contain gif images which cause luatex to crash.

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