Mojca Miklavec <> writes:

> Another weird observation: Kurier is not working at all.
> Plus, Asana-Math and Xits are not installed as part of ConTeXt scheme.
> Should I add them? (It's size is 0.5 + 1.5 MB while in tar.xz.)

If you feel like adding some packages to the ConTeXt scheme, I'd
strongly suggest libertineotf. It's one of the best free font around (I
believe it's not by chance that they were used on Fonts in ConTeXt and
Layouts in ConTeXt), its coverage is *huge* and the typescript is
included in the core. It increases the installation size by a 8 MB (I
think it's worth of). Ok, not a big deal, because it can be installed,
but just my two cents (the same goes ever for the Minimals,
anyway... not a big deal but nice to have).


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