On 28-5-2012 18:44, Philipp Gesang wrote:
Hi Andy,

On 2012-05-27 17:57, Andy Thomas wrote:

could someone point out to me, where in the standalone
installation the 'margin float placement' algorithm lives.

it depends:
   Floats: strc-flt.mkvi
   Side floats: page-sid.mkiv
   Margin data (as in your example): typo-mar.mkiv

and their respective .lua companions. I suspect you will be
interested in the function „inject()“ (part of the finalizer) in

keep in mind that this is not finished yet i.e. there is no api at the lua end yet

is there a way for margintext to 'respect' the lower border
of the page and push the margintext up, pushing other margintexts
upwards while doing so?

+1, I’m curious too whether this can be done.

maybe some day when I'm looking into the page builder code


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