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Hi again,
in my current book project there are sets of full-page graphics, where
there’s first a drawing, to be printed on transparent paper, followed by
a water colour picture as background, i.e. a series of

right page: foreground graphic
right page: background graphic

The transparent pages are left out in pagination.
Between chapters (i.e. stories), the following macro does what I want:

\page[right] % foreground picture on transparent paper

\strut\par % page needs some content

\page[right] % background picture on normal paper



Now, the publisher would like to move the picture pages in the middle of
the stories, i.e. I need them to float "here" without manual page breaking.
How can I achieve that?

I’d also appreciate enhancements to my macro above.

(MkIV latest beta on OSX Intel.)

Thank you very much in advance!


might help (you can add [pagenumber] or [+pagenumber] if needed)


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