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I've always found it regrettable Fourier is not longer supported in
MKIV, so I hoped Utopia+Mathdesign would be a nice replacement. There
are typescripts for Mathdesign+{Utopia,Charter,Garamond}, but both the
roman font and the math font are not loaded.

you only have to make a fourier.lfg file (like px.lfg) .. .actually there is a fourier-math.lfg file but probably no one used/checked it

Shouldn't we have to support the Type1 version of Euler in TeXLive if
the OTF version won't be included? I missed Fourier but maybe others
will mis Euler when they switch to MKIV.

euler is a limited set and can therefore only be used in combination with another math font .. that can be set up with lfg files


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