On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 9:27 PM, Tim Steenvoorden wrote:
> Hi Mojca and Khaled,
> You're right about Kurier,

This should be fixed for TL (and is most probably easy to do).

> I've overlooked it. Asana is also not
> installed with Standalone.

It can be installed with
but I'll rewrite some of that code to do font selection.

> I've always found it regrettable Fourier is not longer supported in
> MKIV, so I hoped Utopia+Mathdesign would be a nice replacement. There
> are typescripts for Mathdesign+{Utopia,Charter,Garamond}, but both the
> roman font and the math font are not loaded.

I believe that it has just never been properly implemented and tested
(which doesn't mean that it couldn't be).

> Shouldn't we have to support the Type1 version of Euler in TeXLive if
> the OTF version won't be included? I missed Fourier but maybe others
> will mis Euler when they switch to MKIV.

Euler is also used in the magazine ... but of course it is up to
Khaled if he doesn't want to include the font. Khaled - would you at
least be ready to offer tar.xz file (one sufficient for direct
installation into TL) or put it into tlcontrib?

I would find it hard to tell whether MKIV should fall back to Type1
Euler or not, but I'm not sure that the sole lack of font in
distribution justifies this fallback. Even if the font is not perfect,
I don't see any reason why it couldn't be in TeX Live, even if with a
big warning that the metrics might change in future.

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