Ok, some days later I'm still not where I'd like to be (and my deadline is overdue).
Let’s resume:

A running text is to be interrupted by spans of 3 pages.
Postponing (\startpostponing) works well for that, but I need to switch off page numbering on two of that 3 pages - as far as I tried, \setuppagenumbering as well as \setuppagenumber doesn’t work within postponed sections.

Further, these pages contain full-page pictures, i.e. I need them bleeding off the paper. Normally, \setlayer works well for that, but I couldn’t get layers working within postponed sections.

Since I need these interruptions several times in a very similar way, I \def’ed that postponing stuff as a macro, but get errors that point to expanding problems (I never get those).

I’d appreciate some pointers in which direction I should think/ investigate further.
- are there alternatives to postponing? perhaps multi-page floats (but at defined pages)?
- is there a possibility for bleeding full-page pictures without layers?
- can it work at all to change page numbering within a postponed page span?

Greetlings, Hraban
https://www.cacert.org (I'm an assurer)

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