On 02/06/12 09:27, Philipp Gesang wrote:
> Hi Pablo!
> ···<date: 2012-06-01, Friday>···<from: Pablo Rodríguez>···
>> Hi there,
>> I'm trying to add some space between footnotes, such as:
>> \setupnotation[footnote][numbercommand=,inbetween=\hskip.25em]
>                                                     ^^^^^^
> Assuming instead that you intend to put some vertical distance
> between the notes, you can try the “after” key:
> \setupnotation[footnote][
>   numbercommand=,
>   after=\blank, %% hook you spacing macro in here
> ]

Hi Philipp,

many thanks for your reply and your help.

This is what I intended, but it has an undesired effect, it adds some
space after the last note in page (which, I'd like to avoid).

Here is a sample:


I need to add some space between the notes, but neither before the first
one nor after the last.

I thought inbetween was the right option for this. According to the
sample above, it doesn't seem to work (I don't see what changes with and
without inbetween=\blank[5*big]).

I have two questions:

Is inbetween the right option to add space only between notes?

If the answer is yes, I'm afraid I have hit a bug.

If the answer is no, what is inbetween supposed to do?

Many thanks for your help,


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