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> On 02/06/12 15:42, Philipp Gesang wrote:
>> Hi Pablo!
>> ···<date: 2012-06-02, Saturday>···<from: Pablo Rodríguez>···
>>> I have two questions:
>>> Is inbetween the right option to add space only between notes?
>> Afaict *\setupnotation* has no “inbetween” key, but “\setupnote”
>> has.
> Many thanks for your reply and your explanation, Philipp.
> At strc-not.mkvi both "\setuptnotation" and "\setupnote" have an
> "inbetween" option.

When you print all footnotes entries in a single paragraph the inbetween 
parameter from \setupnote
is used to add something (can be a horizontal space or a symbol etc.) between 
the individual notes.

The inbetween parameter from \setupnotation is used when you have the setup 

>> In the latter case it is only meaningful for paragraph-style
>> (serried) footnotes:
>> ········································································
>> \setupnote[footnote][
>>  paragraph=yes,
>>  inbetween=\hskip 5em,
>> ]
>> \starttext
>> \dorecurse{5}{foot\footnote{note}}
>> \stoptext
>> ········································································
>> Unfortunately with ordinary settings it is ignored altogether.
> If this isn't a bug, I wonder whether this shouldn't be implemented. It
> makes sense.

Add \setupnotation[footnote][display=no] and the example will work.

>> The alternative you are looking for might be to locally set a
>> different parskip for the footnote inserts:
> It adds the space also before or after the first or last one (I guess
> this is the way these options should work).

It’s a bug because in the following example even the space between the notes is 
too big,
it should be 5mm but actually it’s 10mm.


\starttext \showframe
\dorecurse{5}{foot\footnote{note} }

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