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> Hello,
> is it possible to somehow set transluency or transparency of several  
> objects?
> The example should clarify, what I need: I have a template for
> company documents, which has some text, lines and graphics (external
> pdf or png) in its footer. Now I want to make the header be less
> visible than the rest of the page. Surely I can set a color of the
> text to gray and edit the image, but is there some other way?
> best regards
> Jan

See page 204, section 8.5 of the metafun book

loadfigure "gracht.mp" number 1 scaled .5 ;
addto currentpicture also
(currentpicture softened .8)
shifted (bbwidth(currentpicture)+.5cm,0) ;

(this example draws the picture alongside its "softened" copy.)


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