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Sorry for coming back again and again, but I’m still stuck, and my deadline is overdue.

* I need full-page pictures on defined pages in the middle of a chapter.

* I don’t care if I must define "on page x" or "on the next right page after the current paragraph".

- The only way for full-page pictures (i.e. bleeding over the page) that I know of is layers. - The only way to interrupt a story with full-page content that I know of is postponing. (makeups were a dead end so far - maybe they can help to get to a right page withput using \page[right])

While each works for itself, I can’t get layers working within postponing.

And when that works, I need to wrap it in a macro, since I alway need to define and postpone three sequential pages.


\dorecurse{3}{\input tufte\par}

{\externalfigure[mill][width=\the\dimexpr\paperwidth+2cm \relax,height=\the\dimexpr\paperheight+2cm\relax]}

\dorecurse{5}{\input tufte\par}


Great, I didn’t know \offset (or I forgot)!
This way it’s much easier!
Thank you very much!

Of course, the \offset stuff works in a macro, but not postponing. But I can live with three lines of code per insertion.

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