I get mysterious error messages on blank lines or on lines that were completely innocuous a month ago. The error message I get is: system > tex > error on line 315 in file proposal-context.context: Extra ...

305     \bTR\bTD        of      \eTD\bTD        73      \eTD\eTR
306     \bTR\bTD        on      \eTD\bTD        71      \eTD\eTR
307     \bTR\bTD        say     \eTD\bTD        87      \eTD\eTR
308     \bTR\bTD        to      \eTD\bTD        86      \eTD\eTR
309     \bTR\bTD        up      \eTD\bTD        34      \eTD\eTR
310       \eTABLE
311     }
313 Comparing the accuracy of GMB tags of words against those generated by the C&C parser (see \in{Table}[tab:tag-accuracy]) revealed some problematic words for the parser. 314 Specifically, other than PP attachments, it revealed faults in telling transitives and ditransitives apart.
315 >>
317       \chapter{Evaluation}
318 The evaluation of the output would be similar to the methods we use for analyzing parses. Given sentences that have specific features that result in wrong parses, my software will be able to generate the correct parse trees.
320       \completepublications[criterium=text]
322       %\showfontstrip
323       %\showbodyfont
324       \stopbodymatter
325     \stoptext

After trying to hunt down error messages on \startitemize[n] ... \item ... in some completely unrelated segment of the same file, the error message (essentially, the same) moved to this line. All the citations and cross-references in the document are broken too, but I suppose that's because the compiler fails at line 315.

I'm sorry, no minimal example this time - I tried but I was unable to reproduce the problem in a minimal example. I have uploaded the entire set to https://rapidshare.com/files/3050234632/trial.tgz. I have included my build logs too.

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