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On 07/09/2012 10:00 AM, Jan Kula wrote:
how to draw character outlines for plotter to cut the letters out of the
plate in mkiv? mmakempy.pdf is over 10 years old, so the situation could
change since then.

Anyway, even if I stick to the above method, the minimal example

graphictext "Test";

doesn't work as expected in mkiv. *.mpy file is empty.

In mkii error is issued during the run. Ignoring it finally produces the
outlines, so it seems, everything needed is available (gs, pdftops,
pstoedit). Anyway, mkiv way is preferred.

Here is the mkiv answer:

% define the spot color for the plotter

% here is the outline feature

\definedfont[Serif at 50pt]

And here is the magic.


In this case CutContour is the name of the spot color, which is usually used in the industry. Anyway, the plotter can require different spot color name, or sometimes you can assign the color to be cut off the plate in the plotter software. Consult at your printing house :)


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