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> I often want every math mode (between single $) be \displaystyle.  In Plain 
> TeX, you do something like
> \everymath={\displaystyle}
> Is the best ConTeXt way to do something like this?
> \appendtoks\displaystyle\to\everymathematics
> Or is there a key in \setupmathematics?

I don’t think so because I found only the command below the change the 
of inline formulas and \displaymath/\displaymathematics isn’t what you want 
it creates a display formula.

\let\normalstopdmath\Ustopdisplaymath % to prevent error message from 


<\mathematics       {\frac{1}{2}}>
<\inlinemathematics {\frac{1}{2}}>

<\inlinemath {\frac{1}{2}}>
<\textmath   {\frac{1}{2}}>


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