2012-09-14 Sietse Brouwer <sbbrou...@gmail.com>:

Hi Sietse,

I'm sorry for my late reply.

> The heart of what you need is a lua function that will take an array
> of numbers, and return an array of consective-number runs, like so:
> […]
> I've written one below, plus the scaffolding required to feed it the
> right input, and print its output to ConTeXt.

I wonder if this function is not already present in ConTeXt. The
register mechanism, for instance, already does something very



A\index{A} \page
A\index{A} \page
aaa        \page
bbb        \page
A\index{A} \page
A\index{A} \page

\placeindex %% => A 1-2, 5-7


> Only two functions still need writing --- one to turn the context
> argument [fig:f1, fig:f2, fig:f4] into a lua array of strings, and
> one to turn each reference string into a figure number.

I'm quite sure that all the building blocks are already present. I'm
not sure about the case when the float number is preceded by a
chapter number.

> If you're not comfortable with programming LuaTeX, say so and I can
> fill in the two missing functions sometime this weekend. But they
> should be doable, really.

Someone with more expertise and knowledge about the ConTeXt
internals should be able to point to the relevant functions. I guess
the code that produces the index compression is located in
registers.flush() in strc-reg.lua, but apparently it's not a
function and I don't know if it can be adopted for the float

> (And, of course, you may be far more experienced in LuaTeX than I,
> I don't know.)

Probably not. I can read and write simple Lua scripts, but I lack
knowledge about the LuaTeX and ConTeXt internals and the data
structures used. For LuaTeX there is a manual that explains a lot,
but it doesn't help figuring out how ConTeXts float referencing
mechanism works.

Thanks for the work you spend on this. I don't need this function
for the current project (I use the workaround), but I would like to
see this feature in ConTeXt. If you have time and expertise to
implement this, it would be great. Otherwise I'll do the range
referencing manually.


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