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> Hello,
> I am using a the startsetups mechanism that defines a title page in my 
> environment file. That way anyone creating a document in my organisation can 
> create a new document and get a consistent look of the title page. There is 
> one problem with this: On occasions I get very long document titles and then 
> the title extends over the left-hand edge of the page. I would like to 
> incorporate a new line into the document title; I'd even be happy to do that 
> manually, ie. it does not have to be automatic.
> There are two problems here:
> 1. I had not had any success with putting a newline into the title; it will 
> need to be not where the titlepage is defined but where it is used (see 
> below). I have tried \par and \\ and none of them work.
> 2. Assuming I found a way to do this, I would need to also find a way of 
> reducing the \blank[170mm] by the amount that the second line of the title 
> takes up to render the information down the bottom in roughly the same place. 
> If push comes to shove, I could create a second titlepage setup for two-line 
> titles, but I much rather not. Is there a solution to that? Is there maybe a 
> way to position the information down the bottom absolute?
> Here is  minimal example (or something very close to that):
> % The title page
> \startsetups titlepage
>       \startstandardmakeup[style=sans]
>       \blank[50mm]
>       \rightaligned{\bfd\getvariable{titlepage}{project}}
>       \textrule
>       \rightaligned{\tfc\color[darkgray]{\getvariable{titlepage}{title}}}

Replace the line above with this block:



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