Hooray, we have a new stable!

1. Probably we should refresh the wiki's cache of <context> PNG
examples? Some examples contain commands like \contextversionnumber,
which are now stuck on 20111008 until their MD5 changes. Also,
examples might change (or break) when compiled with the new stable;
best to make that happen ourselves. Otherwise, a contributor might
make an unrelated change to the example, and the example will
unexpectedly change or break, and the contributor will think it's due
to what he/she did.

Patrick, do you know if forcing recompilation (immediate, or on page
load) is doable? Perhaps deleting a PNG wil force it to be regenerated
on page load? If it's non-trivial, I suppose we can leave it.

2. Improvement to the PHP script: make the text returned in case of
failed compilation contain a category tag like [[Category:Examples
with errors]], so that we can have a hidden maintenance category of
examples that don't compile. It would need to be added to the return
strings in the lines that match /return.*error/; if someone can send
me a current copy of wikitex.php I can take care of this. (Also, I'd
like to have a current copy so I can update

3. On running the stable and/or the beta
Hans wrote:
> isn't the wiki running the beta then?

No, it runs the latest stable. It might be possible to have a beta
installation, too -- then users could specify <context mode=beta> --
but we'd have to look at forcing recompilation once a week (or so)
when we update the beta. Depending on Patrick's answer on the
feasibility of forcing recompilation, I could have a look at
implementing this.

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