On 21-10-2012 04:35, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
On Sat, 20 Oct 2012, Aditya Mahajan wrote:

On Thu, 4 Oct 2012, Andreas Mang wrote:

Hi there,

As Aditya mentioned in a former posting (*) that "\text{ ... }"
should scale properly when used as super- or subscript, I have
prepared a minimal example to demonstrate that it doesn't. In my
document I have switched from "\text{ }" to "\normal", which works.

There is another bug with \text.

Actually, the bug is with \setcurrentfontbody

ABC \hbox{\setcurrentfontbody{\scriptscriptface} Testing} DEF

The above works correctly in mkii but not in mkiv. I really don't
understand what \setcurrentfontbody is supposed to do. In Mkii it scales
the bodyfont if \scriptface or \scriptscriptface is used as an argument;
but does not work for any other value (e.g. \setcurrentfontbody{20pt}).
In MkIV it does not do anything.

How about:



\def\mathstyleface#1% #1 is number (\normalmathstyle)
     \textface         \or
     \textface         \or
     \textface         \or
     \textface         \or
     \scriptface       \or
     \scriptface       \or
     \scriptscriptface \or
     \scriptscriptface \else

% For some reason mathfaces are not normalized .. why not?

% \let\m_math_text_choice_style\relax
% \def\math_text_choice#1%
%   {\edef\m_math_text_choice_style{\normalmathstyle}%
%    \hbox\bgroup
%    % \everymath{\triggermathstyle\m_math_text_choice_style}%
% \normalizebodyfontsize\m_math_text_choice_style{\mathstylefont\m_math_text_choice_style}%
%      \font_basics_switchtobodyfont\m_math_text_choice_style
%      #1%
%    \egroup}

\let\m_math_text_choice_face \relax






\testfeatureonce{1000}{$f_{\text{text $a+b$}_{\text{text $a+b$}_{\text{text $a+b$}}}}$\par} % 2.7


There is also a bug in the definition of \text in mkii. In
strc-mat.mkii, we should have

ok, fixed,

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