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1) drive letter is upper-case in my case, lower case in Hans' one,

should be ok

2) I'm using backslashes '\' in path description, Hans uses '/',

should work out ok too, windows internally accepts both but in the end context normalizes to / (i always use / anyway as that works on all platforma)

3) my LUAINPUTS path contains "?.lua" and "?.clua" strings, which are
typical for pure Lua scripts with LUA_PATH (and "?.dll" with LUA_CPATH),
whilst Hans' LUAINPUTS doesn't contain these strings.

It seems that #3 is fatal - "?.[c]lua" must not be a part of the path;
although it's been working so far.

So - if anyone interested - I modified slightly my Ctx-initializing
batch '_InitCtx.bat':

indeed, as LUAINPUTS is a path specification cf web2c/tds

It seems also that Ctx accepts both "a/b/c" and "a/b/c/" forms of
LUAINPUTS members, i.e. with or without the trailing (back)slash.

yes, quite some some cleanup happens deep down


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