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it seems that Ctx [re]defines the system variable HOME on its run;

This is not an answer, but a guess: Could it be that your interactive
shell uses one setting, and the non-interactive shell uses another?

I'm using the windows default shell - cmd.exe;
it is interactive in the manner that you can type a command on the command 
prompt and the command (or a program) is executed.

In Windows, when a process is created, it inherits current system variables.

If you launch a program from cmd.exe (= command line), the program (process) 
inherits all system variables existing in the moment of launching in the 
environment of the session of that cmd.exe.

(Various instances of cmd.exe don't inter-corporate in the point-of-view of 
system variables.)

Moreover, when the launched program changes a system variable, it changes it 
just in its-own scope;
so values of system variables of the calling cmd.exe are not affected.

BTW: I solved the problem a bit "hacky" (and hopefully temporarily, if we'll find a 
better solution): I'm calling "SET HOME.ORG=%HOME%" right before I launch context.exe;
so I can access my previous variable value.

Somewhere inside a Ctx source within a Lua scope I call:

local home = os.getenv("HOME.ORG") or os.getenv("HOME") or "MyUsualHomePath"

It works but it is not "nice" enough.

Best regards,


I'm only guessing here, I don't know much about Windows
administration; I just remember being driven to despair by a similar
'these settings are not used if the shell is not interactive' problem
under Linux.


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